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From a normal start of 2020, And just a few Corona glimpses, Within weeks the scenario changed, From shutting of schools, work from home, no maids.. Ufff ! Lockdown stepped in !! A new secluded life,,,,, A new way of life had begun, Less of handshakes, more of namaskaras, The social distancing had set in! …

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What heals Us? 0 (0)

The pandemic time can bring out the best or the worst of our demons, but the question is what heals us? what we see is what we get . But we don’t see is what we miss. So, What heals Us ?

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What are Limits? If you ask me, I’ll say none It’s just the matter of person, time & capacity It’s us who set it, for ourselves We DO everything for those who we love For the rest, even nothing is unavailable Now say sorry, oh please Human nature it is, Bad stuff Outta love we …

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